‘And when one stops searching among the branches and focuses on strengthening
the root, one can then truly experience personal freedom in all its glory.’

A Solid Foundation

The 7 main chakras of our body constitute the mode of energy flow through which we relate and communicate with ourselves and the world around us. The very ‘foundation’ of this spiritual framework is the ‘Root Chakra’ or ‘Mūlādharā’, the Sanskrit term denoting one’s grounding nature and primal instinctual needs for stability, love and security.

How Mūlādharā Becomes Blocked

Located at the base of the spine/groin area, Mūlādharā serves as the bedrock of the emotional and physical need to self-identify through kinship, connectivity and interdependence. When lacking it can result in a feeling of ‘being unloved and feeling estranged in a community.’

This ‘sense of belonging’, if absent, can easily translate to the impairment of physical bodily functions and cause disrupted behavioral patterns and immune-related disorders.

The “Why”…

The reasons why our root chakra may be ‘blocked’ could be due to various contributing factors like- incongruity or discord in family dynamics, history of emotional abuse, experiencing unsafe or stressful environments, troubled relationships. These and/or other factors can result in having a heightened lack of trust and security.

…and The “How”

So, how do you know? Notice body clues, actions, and sensations. Displaying extreme self-reliance, fluctuating temperament, hesitation in being authentic, anxious behavior, obsessive control and erratic eating/activity levels  can indicate a weak foundation. Note: Having both ‘deficient’ and ‘excessive’ symptoms demonstrate a blocked chakra.

Getting in the Flow

So how exactly does one tap into our ‘auric vibration’ and open a pathway within for this cleansing energy to flow naturally? In accordance with the name of the chakra, we start at the very base, since treating problems at symptomatic level is hardly ever an effective answer to a core or central issue.

Natural Remedy

Reconnecting with nature is hugely beneficial. Sparing even a few minutes daily to just be in nature can be incredibly cathartic. Acknowledge your interdependence and the role all the elements play in the intrinsic make-up of your very being.

Practicing ‘earthing’ by walking barefoot on grass or bare ground facilitates the absorption of surface electrons from the earth. At the same time,  dissipation and neutralization of negative electrons flow from our bodies into the ground below.

This results in a myriad of advantages to our body like reduced stress levels and negative emotions resulting from a more balanced autonomous nervous system, the release of endorphins (feel-good hormones), better cardiovascular health, and better sleep to name a few. Nature can really heal us unlike anything else!

Reiki Healing

Clearing, balancing, and dissolving blocked energy with Distance Reiki is a wonderful way to nurture the body mind and spirit. Reiki encourages positive thought patterns and is known for restoring and deepening oneness and connection. It can be used to bring harmony and balance to the root cause of imbalance as well as relieve physical, mental, emotional and energetic conditions while activating emotional healing.

Smell That?

The sensation of smell is such a powerful one; certain odors can evoke different memories, change our mood, influence our emotions, and so on. This is because of the signal they send to our brain which in turn carries it out to the rest of our body.

For this reason, calming smells like vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli and ylang ylang essential oils can be significantly soothing to our mind, body and soul. Whether applied topically or diffused in the air we breathe, aromatherapy can stimulate our brain to help the entire body decompress and unwind.

Note: You can also consume particular spices like cinnamon, paprika and black pepper or herbal teas like chamomile to reap the same benefits and help stabilize your root chakra.

Sounds Good

On a similar note, pacifying sounds can also facilitate elemental healing. Meditation music and mantra healing sessions are a great way to release tension. Also, an emerging form of sound wave therapy, called binaural beats, has been said to help many suffering from restlessness and anxiety disorders.

Stretch Your Mind

Then of course, there is target yoga, which entails specifically designed body postures that help activate the parasympathetic nervous system of our body. The aftermath is a relaxed state of mind. ‘Asanas’ like the mountain pose, the cow and child pose, controlled breathing techniques and the corpse pose, all of these help break the cyclical self-feeding frenzy of anxiety.

I Affirm

Confidence and stability can also be restored by reciting positive self-affirmations of kindness and reassurance. Engaging in affectionate gestures and  expressions of love and healing physical touch like warm hugs whether in the form of self-love or with others, is important in re-establishing this ‘lost harmony’ between our mind and spirit.

Soft Strength

Our ‘Mūlādharā’ is symbolized by a red lotus flower which embodies the spirit of passion, strength in relationships, emotional strength and security, confidence and courage. Crystal meditation, associated with this red energy of vitality, can unleash our spiritual consciousness and release that unwanted emotional baggage.


‘Red Carnelian’ propagate personal motivation and courage, and strengthen our belief system and individual creativity.

‘Red jasper’ is a cleansing stone known for encouraging stability, empathy and establishing emotional and spiritual equilibrium.

‘Black tourmaline’ has shielding properties that helps provide protection from negative energy.

Clean Eating

Lastly, diet plays a significant role in grounding our spiritual energy. Consuming root vegetables like sweet potatoes, yams, beets, radishes, onions and garlic grant us the healing powers of the earth and empower our root chakra. Red foods like berries, watermelon, pomegranate also contribute to restoring its balance.

'When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.'

About the Author:

Sharon is a Reiki Practitioner and the founder of Lifted By Light. Her life and background readied her for these roles. Growing up, her mother and grandmother nurtured her interest in health, wellness, spiritual growth, and creativity. The days, she finds immersed in many passions including traveling, photography, writing, gardening, nature, and cooking.

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