“Smell is a potent wizard that transports us across thousands of miles and all the years we have lived.” ~Helen Keller

Out of all our five senses, it’s perhaps smell that has the best memory! It’s our most primitive sense, closest to the emotional brain.

Since archaic times, the smell of Agarwood has been renowned for its ‘divine aroma’.  Agarwood belongs to the evergreen tropical family of ‘Aquilaria trees’, native to Southeast Asia. This distinctive wood—characterized by its dark, woody, resinous composition—is hailed for its ‘mystical’ and ‘psychoactive’ properties. Perhaps it’s for this reason that all the major spiritual traditions of the world, and even the ancient medicinal systems revere it for its therapeutic and almost ‘life-giving’ characteristics.

Agarwood’s  unique smell is so captivating to the senses that it has been used by monks for centuries to unlock their subconscious and stimulate their innate awareness. It is therefore a primary part of their rituals in aiding their meditation practices and their path to enlightenment.

A Sacred Resource

Let’s delve deeper into discovering how we can use this sacred resource to help facilitate our holistic healing, and aid us in our growth and spiritual journeys. Whether it be the Gospel, old Islamic texts, Ancient Hindu or Buddhist scriptures—all of them devote a powerful cultural significance to Agarwood.

Agarwood—also known as Aloeswood—has been worshipped as ‘the Wood of Gods’. It is known to stimulate free flow of the ‘Qi’ or ‘Prana Shakti’ which means ‘life giving force’ or ‘vital energy’.


Otherworldly Aroma

The scent of the Agarwood is unlike any other aroma—a distinctive woody fragrance with subtle notes of florals, vanilla and a peculiar musky whiff. This scent is actually caused by a particular kind of rare fungus that feeds on the wood, giving it its dark accent and otherworldly aroma.


The Scent of Nirvana

Besides its salubrious effects, Agarwood is also a prized gift in the ancient medicinal practices and healing rituals. Proclaimed as ‘The Scent of Nirvana’, the fragrance of this wood is known to:

    •  Magnify cerebral function
    • Strengthen the nervous system
    • Provide psychological and physical relief
    • Act as an anti-depressant, antioxidant, relaxant, detoxifying and rejuvenating substance
    • Offer healing properties to muscle pain and rheumatic aches
    • Charge up our entire energy field
    • Help to harmonize the mind and body energy—which is the underpinning of comprehensive healing process
    • Facilitate restful, restorative sleep by defusing anxiety or stress
    • Broaden the vistas of our conscious awareness



When used in the field of aromatherapy and chakra healing, Agarwood can offer phenomenal benefits. It is also used in ‘Ayurvedic’ science to pacify and balance our ‘doshas’ and also in Chinese ‘Feng Shui’ to regulate the energy flow of an environment.

When inhaled, the scent of Agarwood is known to increase focus, illuminate the mind and fortify our emotional intelligence. Hence, it finds a treasured position in breathing meditation, yoga practice and opening the ‘crown chakra’ and pineal gland for heightened ‘intuitive awareness’.

For ages, Agarwood has been a part of natural divine living and can help to instill deep transcendence and augmentation of our innate sanctity from within. Whether you wish to heal from emotional trauma, expand your mental sharpness and alertness, or dive deeper into a place of innate peace and calm, making Agarwood a part of your daily rituals can be of benefit!  It can assist in helping to create a more healing and positive environment for your senses to grow and flourish.

“Awareness is in listening to the song of the inner soul, seeing the beauty of the inner self, smelling the fragrance of the inner spirit and experiencing the touch of our divine inner energy”

About the Author:

Sharon is a Reiki Practitioner and the founder of Lifted By Light. Her life and background readied her for these roles. Growing up, her mother and grandmother nurtured her interest in health, wellness, spiritual growth, and creativity. These days, she finds immersed in many passions including traveling, photography, writing, gardening, nature, and cooking.

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